Sunday, 25 December 2011


Many people think that taking science computer course when study in university is a waste of time.

Actually,world now is depends on computer technology...Soooo, there are a lot of different career paths that someone could take after graduating with a degree in computer science..I wanna share something with u all>>>

The job market for people with computer science majors is competitive but that doesn't mean  that you won't have options.

Here is some jobs that relate with science computer:

 Software Designer for a Tech Company
. One of the most common jobs that people get after graduating with a computer science degree is a software design and development job within any tech company that happens to be hiring. People work in this position at the entry level, usually participating as part of a team in the development of new software. This software may relate to any aspect of technology. Hot areas including mobile Internet software and issues related to computer security.

 Freelance Computer Programming. People with a degree in computer science are typically skilled enough at basic computer programming that they can help develop programs for a diverse range of different types of businesses. It is possible to do this work freelance if you are interested in working from home on your own schedule although you have to be highly self-motivated to do so.

  Office Admin / Customer Service/ Troubleshooter. Some computer science majors opt to take general office positions within both computer and non-computer-related businesses and then serve as the main person who troubleshoots when problems arise with the computer system. They may also act as a liaison in a customer service position, assisting a company’s clients in dealing with computer problems. This allows computer science majors to work in different types of businesses but still do the type of work that their education has taught them to do best.

I also wanna story about career path in DATABASE SYSTEM--->course that i'm taking now...

 When starting your career in Database Administration, there are essentially three levels of career advancement: Level 1- Data Analyst or Data Technician. Level 2 of your Database Administration career will require at least one to two years of experience in database design, whereby you can advance to: Database Administrator or SQL Programmer. Level 3- Database Manager or Enterprise Architect; requiring three+ years of experience - and this is only a portion of what your IT career could consist of. As you continue to advance in your technology career, the paths available to you begin to branch out and your career in IT can become limitless.

Many people don't realize the work as a database administrator. This is because database administrator is not a popular job that graduated student want to apply. They prefer a more famous job like software engineer. Many people ask what do database administrators do? why do they exist? did they have a high salary? All this question must have pop up in your mind sometime because in world nowdays people don't want to take risk to apply a job that they seldomly heard about. Now i will tell you a little bit about what do database administrators actually do.

Database administrators is people that use database management software to determine the most efficient ways to organize and access a company's data. They also responsible for maintaining database security and backing up the system.

skills that needed to be database administrators:

    - strong organizational skills
    - strong logical and analytical thinking
    - ability to concentrate and pay close attetion to detail
    - ability to think broadly and consider impacts across system annd within the organization.